The main events will be one morning session and one afternoon session on Coproduction by Phil Pusey about the Coproduction Charter and toolkit and the LDA on the Dynamic Support Register (DSR) and how it works and who it works for.

The one stop shop

The idea is that parents and education settings are given the opportunity to collect as much information as possible in one place to get a better understanding of what is out there in Staffordshire and how it all works.

As Staffs PCF we know that both parents and education settings sometimes struggle to know where to start or who to go to. We have been given a great opportunity to Co-produce to get everyone in one room  to be able to have those conversations in a relaxed one stop shop setting. Giving parent/carers and education staff an opportunity to speak to people that they usually are not able to have conversations with.

Our Idea is that we want as many information stalls to be set up so that parent/carers and Education settings can find out information about anything that supports Families with SEND.