Whilst we are not a support network and we don’t lobby for a particular cause, we are all parents or carers of children with special educational needs and disabilities ourselves and we will use our own experiences and understanding to offer a human touch and be supportive in all of our interactions with our members. We have a clear Code of Conduct (available on our Policies page) and we expect all of our members to sign up to it when they join the forum and adhere to it.

We are not But

A support group.

We will be supportive.

Able to provide individual support or fight individual cases.

Your individual case will give strength to our collective aims.

Here as SEND, health or educational professionals.

We are here as parents or carers of children with SEND. And we will work for families alongside service providers to improve services.

Trying to fill a gap in services.

We will advocate for service providers to fill those gaps we have identified.

An advice service.

We will signpost you to people who can advise.

A protest group.

We will use your collective voices to advocate for change.

Here to create conflict.

We will work in a constructive partnership with the local authorities.